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The transfer of private drains and sewers to water and sewerage company ownership, on 1st October 2011, represents the biggest change in responsibility for sewerage services since 1937. Effective communications across key stakeholders are crucial, from both a customer satisfaction perspective but also in terms of delivering cost and time efficiencies. The Drainage Hub provides a unique environment for individuals and companies across diverse sectors to connect, communicate and work together effectively.

Water & Sewerage Companies (WaSCs)

The transfer will move Water and Sewerage Companies (WaSCs) into much closer contact with key stakeholder groups including insurers and local authorities. Effective communications with these diverse groups is crucial in reducing contacts and potential complaints. The Drainage Hub provides a unique opportunity to connect, communicate and collaborate with other key stakeholders, delivering both time efficiencies for all parties and the best outcome for the customer. WaSCs can utilise the Hub’s unique Hot Spot Manager tool to identify areas of known drainage defect issues within their geography, in addition to using The Claims Assistant service to undertake repairs on private drains with insurer approval.


The changes in ownership of private sewers will bring domestic buildings insurers into direct contact with Water and Sewerage Companies (WaSCs). Complications such as repairs straddling boundaries of ownership could not only cause inconvenience to the customer, but could also create a significant cost and administration headache in attempting to resolve these issues. The Drainage Hub provides an opportunity to collaborate with WaSCs and their contractors on shared repairs, delivering the best service to the customer whilst ensuring that time spent, administration and costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

Regulatory Bodies

Communication is often highlighted as a key issue by regulatory bodies or associations representing key stakeholders in the drainage sector beyond the transfer. The Hub enables these groups to connect with key stakeholders within the industry, discuss key topics within the forum, and communicate information to various different groups. It also provides the opportunity to gain feedback from different groups within the industry as and when required.

Housing Associations

Housing Associations are often first to be contacted by their tenants when there are any issues affecting the properties they live in, and in some instances this may not change in respect of drainage issues despite the change in their ownership. It is crucial that there are clear communication channels and agreed ways of working between Housing Associations and Water and Sewerage Companies (WaSCs) to ensure that potentially vulnerable tenants receive the level of service they need. The Drainage Hub can provide a central point of communication and discussion across these two stakeholder groups.

Contractors & Consultants

The Drainage Hub enables contractors of all sizes to connect and communicate with contacts within the industry. Group A contractors and consultancies (those already working on behalf of WaSCs) can identify known areas of drainage defects within their geography, communicate directly with local authority departments and undertake repairs on private drains with insurer approval. Group B contractors (not currently working on behalf of WaSCs) can utilise the Hub’s Market Place to promote their company, buy and sell used equipment and network with their contacts within the industry.

Local Authorities

Research has highlighted a great deal of confusion amongst environmental health teams as to their roles in handling drainage cases beyond the transfer, and a need for greater communication with water and sewerage companies. The Drainage Hub facilitates direct communication on key issues between the water industry and environmental health teams, both on a national and local level, saving valuable officer time and allowing clearer customer communications. Local Authorities can also benefit from a dedicated forum within The Drainage Hub enabling discussion and the sharing of ideas and best practice.

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